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How to Form a Team

In order to form a team in AAU, please visit and click join.  

Costs involved:  $30 to form a club, $35 to process an insurance certificate (as long as you wait 30 days to process it - an expedite fee is available for quicker turnaround), $14/player for AAU insurance and you are off and running.

If you would like to speak to someone about the process and ask any questions please call me, Eric Medved, at (518) 788-5244.  Additionally we offer teams the ability to join the Adirondack Hoops Club, form a club Level 2 for $60 or the AAU of the USA has an affordable non-profit club opportunity for $300.  I can help you look over your options!

How to choose your level

In the AAU, there are now two ways to form a team:  grade-based or age-based.  A grade-based team is a team that allows anyone on their team to participate who is age-appropriate for that grade, for example a 7th grade team would be any student-athlete born between 9/1/2004 and younger.  Any student born  on or before 8/31/2004 and after 9/1/2003 is considered a grade-exemption and can play only on a grade-based team.  An age-based team would not allow the grade-exception to participate.  Keep in mind, once you reach 9th grade there are unlimited grade exceptions.